• E-Scooter Life Hacks

    E-Scooter Life Hacks
    We all know electric scooters are fun. The sun on your skin, the wind in your hair – trying one out is not a hard sell. There are also the practical benefits discussed in many a publication; electric scooters, for the most part, are low carbon footprint, easy to ride, traffic busting, and cheap. What many might not be aware of are the less obvious life hacks that come with owning a lithe, electric, micro mobile vehicle.
  • Are Electric Scooters Easy to Ride?

    Are Electric Scooters Easy to Ride?
    Electric scooters are lighter and more maneuverable than even the lightest of folding e-bikes, and they are safer and easier to operate than electric skateboards and electric unicycles because they give you something to hold on to while you ride.
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