Are Electric Scooters Easy to Ride?

Are Electric Scooters Easy to Ride?

 Are electric scooters easy to ride? The simplest answer is, “yes, very! That’s a good part of why they’re becoming so popular!” But, of course, there’s more to the story of how electric scooters are the ultimate choice in portability and accessibility. E-scooters beat other means of personal electric transportation like electric skateboards and e-bikes in several categories, including the ease of mounting and dismounting, maintaining balance while riding, and the ease of clearing the vehicle in the event of an accident. Combine these features with the ease of folding and carrying most electric scooters when you’re not riding, and they emerge as the ideal form of micromobility. 

Electric scooters are lighter and more maneuverable than even the lightest of folding e-bikes, and they are safer and easier to operate than electric skateboards and electric unicycles because they give you something to hold on to while you ride. Skateboards are subject to wobble at high speeds and have a more unstable center of gravity. Stepping on the slip-proof deck of the CYBERBOT is like getting on a magic carpet that floats you around the city, while you easily steer around corners and obstacles with the scooter’s ergonomic handlebars.


Getting on most electric bikes, mopeds, motorcycles, and other two-wheeled vehicles requires swinging a leg over the seat or top bar. These vehicles place the riders center of gravity up high, which can balance challenging and different. You probably remember learning to ride a bicycle, or teaching a child to master the skill. Both kids and adults find balancing on an e-scooter is much more intuitive, and most riders get the hang of it on their first try. On a scooter, the center of mass is low, and the rider feels more stable and in control.


Many people never learn to balance well on a bike, or find it difficult or impossible because of age or disability. The ease of mounting and dismounting an electric scooter makes it suitable for a wide variety of riders, significantly lowering the barrier for entry for new riders. While seated electric vehicles like pods or mini cars may be more accessible for some, these are expensive, large, bulky, and heavy (let us know if you can find one that can fold and be carried up the stairs). The ease of hopping on and off a scooter also makes it generally more convenient for quick trips and casual rides around town. Riding a scooter doesn’t require any special gear, and you won’t end up with soreness or chafing from an uncomfortable seat too.

Easier to ride than electric skateboards and unicycles, and easier to get on and off than e-bikes (and maneuver due to the lighter weight), electric scooters might also be considered in at least a few ways the safest form factor among personal electric vehicles. We’ve already mentioned how the lack of handlebars and steering make powered skateboards more difficult to control. (If you’ve ridden one lately, maybe you’ll agree.) Riders of e-bikes run the danger of getting entangled with the vehicle if they lose control or get into an accident. On a scooter, there are no bars, batteries, pedals, or gears between the rider’s legs and feet. Dismounting and getting away from a scooter is easy from an upright position.


Is it easy to ride an electric scooter? Absolutely. The e-scooter you choose to ride can also make all the difference in the kind of ride you have. Take a look at Cyberbot’s many other features to see just how easy it can be not only to ride a premium electric scooter, but to own one yourself.

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